June 14, 2024

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Why Even Amateurs Buy Table Tennis Balls?

Table tennis or ping pong is a sport that was invented in earlier 20th century England. The game is basically a more compact and smaller version of the earlier existing game lawn tennis. Instead of a court, table tennis is played on a table that is divided using a net. Usually, the game is played between either 2 or 4 players, and for eleven points. The main principle of the game is that a hollowed-out ball is hit back and forth using handheld racquets and the player or team who misses to hit the ball back, ends up giving a point to the opposite team. In order to play the game people need to buy table tennis balls and racquets.

More about table tennis and ping pong.

The game, although originated from England, enjoys immense popularity in South Asian countries. In countries like China, Singapore, India, this game is not only played at an international level but also at a local level. Young adults and children often buy table tennis ballsand racquets and other types of equipment on a budget, because they wish to play the sport for mere fun. Kids, who play this sport regularly and from a young age, develop a set of refined skills and excellence in the game.

Like any other game, table tennis also requires immense practice and dedication. One cannot simply expect to get good at it after a couple of games and matches. Table tennis is the fourth most played game in the world.