June 14, 2024

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How to Create a Blog on Your Already Successful Website?

If the fact that you from using a company blog, it is time to quit worrying, have a site is putting you off. There are different methods for integrating a blog and the one that is best will be based on which sort of site you have and what are your requirements concerning blogging.

Reasons to add a site to your current site

A blog can be an excellent advertising tool for an established small business website. A business blog is a simple means of incorporating regularly updated content on your otherwise static company site, letting you set your authority on your specialty, draw the attention of the search engines and give your clients a reason to regularly revisit your site.

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Creating A site on a free platform

The most Blogging platforms online are WordPress and Blogger and they both may be used to make but it is hosted on another server. This is fantastic if your existing website is static and does not use a CMS if you do not have access to your server to make a database and set up blogging software or simply in the event you do not need to deal with keeping a company blog.You can Create a blog on an outside platform in only a couple minutes though you will spend a couple of hours making sure everything looks perfect and playing with the configuration choices. It is as straightforward as creating a new account on WordPress or Blogger and creating a site and picking or editing a theme until it appears exactly as you need it. Then you will have to link to the other way around and that site from your small business site. You may pay for additional services, such as getting your own domain name rather than the default ones that are a sub-domain of WordPress or Blogger and access to premium blogging topics.

Using a Sub-domain on your hosting

If you want your blog to appear more integrated with your current company website you can set up the software of your choice. You may need a bit of technical knowledge to make sure you have configured the sub-domain properly, create a database to your blog without affecting your current site and uploading all the files into the correct place but the end result will be a blog hosted on your own servers and completely under your control.

RSS feeds

If you want to use your tesla company blog contents on your website homepage that is current, the simplest method is to integrate a widget. It is also possible to use a third party service like Widgetbox to make although this may require some programming knowledge, based on the sort of site you have.