June 14, 2024

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Guide for national silver academy

The National Silver Academy is a platform of post-secondary educational systems and non-profit agencies that provide quality education for Singaporeans. The National Silver Academy is a consortium of post-secondary public universities and group organizations that offer elderly citizens with a variety of academic opportunities.

Programs at the National silver academy

  • These workshops are geared toward living skills but instead of work skills. These will go beyond what the post-secondary education institutions already provide in terms of part-time courses for jobs and updating. Singaporeans nationals aged 50 and older would be eligible for reimbursement of up to 50% off the registration fees.
  • Multigenerational educational interventions, for example, pair students with senior citizens to learn about specific topics. Other services for elderly include short speeches given by our post-secondary education institutions and voluntary welfare organizations.

  • These programs are chosen from testing the functionality services available for a nominal cost by ITE, institutes of technology, and schools to Singapore citizens. The elderly may study these courses with ordinary undergraduate learners for merit, i.e., to acquire a credential such as a degree or qualification. However, seniors are not required to take the exams.

Why choose these programs?

  • Empower Singaporeans to reach their full complete potential of employment.
  • Assist Singaporeans in making well-informed educational, professional, and career decisions.
  • Develop an efficient, high-quality school curriculum that reacts to changing industrial needs.
  • Encourage employer acknowledgment and professional advancement based on expertise and skills.
  • Create an environment that encourages and rewards lifelong learning.