July 19, 2024

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How to cure a slipped disc? – Excellent tips

Back pain is one of the worst things that you will ever experience and when it because of disc damage, it will be more painful. Though there are a lot of ways to cure this thing, the pain that you used to feel is unbearable. In this article, you are going to see a few of the tips that will help you relieving the pain. In most of the cases, the pain will get reduced but if not, you have to visit a doctor who will treat your slipped disc singapore. This way, you can get a relief for your back pain and enjoy your life as before.

slipped disc singapore

  • There is no pain that will listen to the hot and cold therapies, as it will relive the muscle tension and pain. Moreover, heat will help in loosening of the muscle tightness and also will increase the blood flow. Whereas, on the other hand, ice packs offers an anti-inflammatory effect which will mitigate the pain.
  • Since there is a pressure in your spine while sleeping, your sleep position also offers a relief to your disc pain. There are several ways to alleviate the disc pain and make sure that you are following those things. You can place a pillow at the right area so that you can stop your pain from worsening at night.
  • Some kinds of physical activities can act a cure when you are suffering from any slipped disc. But you should do only moderate physical activities like walking on road or on threadmill. You can also use an elliptical trainer and can go for cycling to get rid of this kind of pain at your back.

These are some of the remedies but keep in mind, when none of these assist you in the curing process do not hesitate to find a doctor to cure slipped disc singapore.